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Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance includes:


  • Weeding

  • Pruning and cutting back

  • Leaf blowing

  • Lawn mowing

  • Strimming

Please note that some services will be carried out by another member of the team other than myself, especially at busy times.

Cost is from £25 per hour* (minimum 2 hour slot)

Garden Reset

This is a one or two day seasonal service (dependent on the size of the garden - a pre-visit will determine this) to get your garden back into shape/ready for the next season if it has been not attended to during the year.


Spring Tidy Up - cutting back perennials and pruning late flowering shrubs, trimming, mulching borders, weeding and leaf blowing.


Summer Tidy Up - de-heading perennials, pruning, trimming, staking, weeding, lawn mowing/strimming (if required).

Autumn/Winter Tidy Up - cutting back perennials, weeding, mulching and leaf blowing

Cost is from £180 for 1 Day*, £360 for 2 days*

Garden Improvements

This can include: creating new borders, planting and soil improvement, dividing and transplanting, growing and propagation, creating eco-habitats, container gardening.

Cost is from £30 per hour* (minimum 2 hour slot) or one-off day rate £200**

Garden Consultation

This is a 2–3-hour personal service, in which we discuss your garden planting needs and desires. This includes analysis of; aspect, microclimates, soil and current planting. Advice and ideas for successful new planting in your garden to match your environment and your taste is given and later drawn up into a written report detailing; plant suggestions, soil improvements and schedules for planting.

Following this, I can order and collect plants from a local nursery (at an extra cost) and if you would like me to plant up, please see my ‘Garden Improvements’ service,  above.

Cost is £150* for a half day visit plus report.

Learn To Grow

This is a 3 hour one-to one tutoring service in your own garden, which is led by your choice (discussion before day).


Some suggestions are; taking cuttings, sowing seeds (inside or out), dividing and transplanting your own plants, plant and weed identification, natural pest control, creating natural habitats for animals and beneficial insects, or simply confidence building by working alongside me getting jobs done which you keep putting off.

Cost is £150* for a half day.

Please Note!

* Within the High Peak area. Travel costs will be charged for jobs outside of the High Peak area.

** Includes a pre-day visit to discuss requirements


Please note that some services will be carried out by another member of the team other than myself especially at busy times.

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