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Garden Design - Gardens by Thyme & Space

Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint and the soil and sky as canvas.


- Elizabeth Murrary -

Garden Design

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The design process starts with a site visit and initial consultation to obtain a thorough understanding of your aspirations and needs for the garden, as well as getting a feel for the existing space.


Following this, a written brief is sent to you, which outlines the fee structure, design process, and a comprehensive summary of your goals for the space.


The next step is a site survey, which captures; layout, aspect, microclimate, soil type and PH, utilities, existing structures, house style and history, views and surrounding landscapes.


From this two concept designs and mood boards are created. The concept plans will show proposed zones and layout of the whole area.

Master & Functional Plan

Once you have chosen your preferred concept plan, then this is developed into a full masterplan. Here the details of hard landscaping materials and type of planting will be shown.

Once the masterplan is approved, working drawings are produced from which landscapers and/or contractors can work.


These include; setting out plans with measurements, lighting and water locations and construction drawings for structures.


A planting plan will then be drawn showing locations of all the proposed plants with photos to help you understand. A plant list will be compiled with exact names, sizes and quantities required for costing and ordering purposes. Advice can be given on best times for planting at this point to help decide on a possible start date and schedule for the whole project.

Finding A Contractor

You will then be ready to find a landscaper. Maybe you have one in mind or can find one yourself.


Alternatively, I can recommend one who I have worked with. I will be onsite to set out the design before the build and can visit to oversee any building works if required.

Planting & Aftercare

I will return to plant up the site and give instructions on plant maintenance. I can also visit the following season to check plant health.

Create the garden of your dreams

Let your mind wander as you think about your  perfect garden. Think about the colours and textures that you like, different styles of gardens and what they might contain. Draw inspiration from magazines and online images. Mix and match them in your head. Go to bed at night and drift off thinking about wandering through your own perfect garden.

Often at this stage, reality bites.


I don't know how to do it! I don't know anything about plants or planting - I just don't know where to begin. I just need it to be easy!

Relax and let me bring your ideas and dreams to life and support you with manpower and skills to convert dreams into reality.

Create the garden of your dreams
Border Design Services - Gardens by Thyme & Space

Border Design

If re-designing your garden is not necessary or too much for you at the moment why not let me assess and redesign the planting of one or more of your borders.


Starting with the foundations of all plant health- the soil - your soil will be assessed as will the aspect and microclimate of this areas of your garden to work out the right plants for the right places and create a beautiful new display for one, two or all seasons.


I can then order plants from a local nursery and plant it up.

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